All Emerald Dream Rares, Locations & Loot in WoW Dragonflight (2024)

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We outline the locations/coordinates of all rare mob spawns in the Emerald Dream zone in WoW Dragonflight, alongside their loot drops and more.

By Wessel Minnie |

First Published November 15, 2023, 10:18

Looking to farm the rare mob spawns in Emerald Dream, the brand-new World of Warcraft (WoW) Dragonflight zone that players are jumping into? Then we've got you covered!

This article explains all 25 rare spawn locations, their loot drops, and additional details so you can farm them with ease. Let's get started!

WoW Emerald Dream Rare Mob Spawn Locations & Loot

The rare mobs spawn once a day on the daily quest reset timer. There are a total of 25 rares in the Emerald Dream for players to slay for some unique loot!

Some of these rare mobs spawn in multiple locations. Most of them have just over 2 million health as a standard rare, while some do spawn as a zone-wide event with 25 million health or more. We recommend always taking these on in a group unless you are just looking for treasure!

Below, you can check out the spawn locations for each rare mob in WoW Dragonflight's Emerald Dream zone, alongside their names, the unique loot they can drop, and a description to pinpoint their spawn point for you.

Rare Elite Name


Unique Loot Drop

Location description

Bloodstripe Great Ray

51.3 31.3

Great Ray's Longbow

Check underwater!


66.0 63.2

Legplates of the Krakken

You'll find this rare on a small ridge.

Envoy of Winter

34.7 63.2

Winter's Stand

Zone event rare elite. Help others throw Shiversnap Blossoms at the area until it spawns.

Firebrand Fystia

29.9 20.8

Fystia's Fiery Kris
Fystia's Deft Hands

Zone event rare elite. On top of the Cinder Summit mountain. First kill the Primalist mobs until this rare spawns.


63.4 71.6

Sash of the Fruit Thief

Inside the Barrows of Reverie. Speak to Mylune to get a buff, then follow the event and find missing fruit until the boss spawns.

Greedy Gessie

54.0 41.4

String of Delicacies

Zone event rare elite found at Haven Cascades, which spawns after you gather enough ingredients to fill the basket.

Henri Snufftail

47.4 30.3

Henri's Warm Coat

It's in a small cave!

Ignit the Firebranded

58.8 51.2

Ignit's Fiery Heart

Another rare spawn located inside a small cave.


37.4 31.7

Binds of the Shatterer

You guessed it, another small cave!

Keen-eyed Cian

40.3 49.2

Mark of the Keen-Eyed Dreamsaber

This rare spawn in Emerald Dream patrols around a bit.

Matriarch Keevah

41.1 73.3

Mark of the Dreamtalon Matriarch

Located inside a small cave!

Moltenbinder's Disciple

45.8 18.8

Molten Lava Ball
Djaradin's Molten Band

By the pool of lava.

Molten Leadspike

63.8 36.2

Nature's Firebathed Robes

Look at the back of the Char.

Moragh the Slothful

38.8 71.5

Nipping Night's Necklace

Deep inside a cave with its entrance in the Whorlwing Basin.

Mosa Umbramane

54.9 36.7

Mark of the Umbramane

Another rare spawn in a small cave...


61.7 72.1


Zone event rare elite at the bottom of the waterfalls. Collect fruits until it spawns.

Ristar the Rabid

44.9 36.9

Fang of the Frenzied Nightclaw

Inside a cave in the Haven Cascades zone.

Somnambulant Ori

43.5 47.0

Ori's Verdant Feather

Look up at the top of the statue!


61.8 52.2

Splinterlimb's Branch

Kill the mobs near Splinterlimb to make it hostile after 8 stacks of Sparks.

Surging Lasher

57.0 51.7
58.9 71.9

Lasher's Red Thorn

During Emerald Frenzy events, kill enough enemies in the area for Surging Lasher to spawn.

Talthonei Ashwhisper

35.1 22.6
36.9 22.4
61.4 67.4
63.9 70.1
64.4 66.6
59.2 43.7

Talthornei's Wrath

In the Fields of Reverie or Scorching Charm. Multiple spawn locations to check.

The Apostle

26.0 26.6

The Apostle's Steps

Behind the Amidrassil raid entrance.

Please note: The information above, including waypoint coordinates, is thanks to the amazing database of WoWHead, which continues to deliver everything a WoW player can ever want!

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That's everything WoW Dragonflight players need to know about the rares that can spawn in the Emerald Dream, including their precise locations/coordinates, loot, and further descriptions to help you find and slay them with ease!

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All Emerald Dream Rares, Locations & Loot in WoW Dragonflight (2024)
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