Survive the Killer Codes - Knives, coins, XP (April 2024) (2024)

Updated May 1, 2024

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Have you played Friday the 13th? Are you looking for a way to play it in Roblox? Well you're in luck—Survive the Killeris exactly that! In this adventure-style horror experience, players are randomly given a roll, either innocent or killer, and sent to play their part. If you're the killer, you may be wondering if you can change your weapon. The answer: yes! So how do you unlock new weapons quickly? With codes! Just make sure you watch out for Jason as you type in these codes!

Each Survive the Killer code listed below unlocks a unique skin, whether for a knife or a Slycer, that can only be obtained through the use of said code, making them exceptionally rare and sought-after. If you're hoping to obtain every code in this experience, be sure to check back with this article regularly—we update this list as soon as new codes come out!

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All Survive the Killer Codes List

Survive the Killer Codes (Working)

  • MOREPOWER—Redeem for a Machine Dagger (New)
  • HOLIDAY—Redeem for a Holiday Splinter
  • TRICKORTREAT—Redeem for Stab-O'-Lantern Slycer
  • SORRY—Redeem for 1000 Cash
  • RED– Redeem for Code Red knife
  • PEST—Redeem for Ye Olde Slycer
  • OOPSIES—Redeem for a 1 hour XP Boost

Survive the Killer Codes (Expired)

  • NEWYEARGRIND—Redeem for a 1 hour XP Boost
  • SNOWMAN—Redeem for the Minty Hook weapon
  • omgfinally—Redeem for 100 Gems
  • BOO—Redeem for the Dark Fiend Knife
  • DESYNC—Redeem for The Broken Clock knife
  • LUCKY2022—Redeem for Cookie Cutter Slycer
  • CUPID2022
  • SANTA - Redeem for Santa Hat Slycer
  • HAPPYNEWYEAR - Redeem for 2022 New Year
  • 900M - Redeem for 900M Slycer
  • HALLOWVEMBER - Redeem for Friendly Spirits Knife
  • 800M - Redeem for 800M Slycer
  • jumpbug - Redeem for the Jumping Bug Knife
  • 700M - Redeem for 700M Slycer
  • PRIDE - Redeem for the Pride Knife
  • Lucky Carver Knife - LUCKY2021
  • Heartbreaker Knife: cupid2021
  • Clover Carver Knife: LUCKY2020
  • Rusty Dagger: FRIDAY13
  • 10 Million Celebration Knife: 10M
  • Heart Breaker Knife: CUPID
  • Hollowed Moon Knife: SPOOKY2020
  • Holiday Knife: HAPPYHOLIDAYS
  • Burlap Brute's Chains: FULLMOON
  • Cheeseworth's Cheesy Chopper: CHEESE
  • Sawblade's Jigsaw Knife: SAWBLADE
  • 300k Knife: WhatsTheCode
  • Ribbons of Gold Knife: ThatsALotOfVisits
  • Devious Dagger: DEVIOUS
  • Happy's Circus Knife, 50 Coins, & 100 XP: KILLERCRAZE
  • Chucky's Rattle Knife: CHUCKY
  • Spoon Knife: SPOON
  • Purple Pinstripe Knife: MASHEDPOTATOES
  • Sunlit Glass Knife: TRADINGWHEN
  • Patched Knife: CRATESSOON
  • Test Knife: TEST
  • 100 Coins & 50 XP: 5MILLION

Survive the Killer FAQ

Here's everything you need to know about Survive the Killer and Survive the Killer codes.

How to redeem Survive the Killer codes

Luckily, it's a very simple process to redeem codes in Survive the Killer!

Survive the Killer Codes - Knives, coins, XP (April 2024) (1)
  • To start, launch Survive the Killer
  • As soon as you load in, locate and select the Twitter icon with the word Codes under it
    • Rounds start fairly quickly, so you'll only have a short amount of time to find the correct button and enter codes!
  • Click on the area that says Enter Code Here and enter one of the codes from below
  • Once you've typed in the code, pressRedeemto receive your free reward!

How do I get more Survive the Killer codes?

As with most experiences, updates for Survive the Killer aren't released on a certain schedule, so there's unfortunately no way to know exactly when or where more codes will be released. The best ways to stay up-to-date on codes are checking back with this article regularly, joining the Survive the Killer Discord server, and joining the Slyce Entertainment, the development team behind Survive the Killer, Roblox group.

Why aren't my Survive the Killer codes working?

Not all Roblox codes are active for the same amount of time, meaning some expire exceptionally quickly and may even become inactive after 24 hours or less! If you attempt to enter a code and it saysCode Expired, that code is no longer active and, unfortunately, can no longer be redeemed. There's nothing that you can do to fix this issue, the code is simply unobtainable. If you attempt to type in a code and it saysInvalid Code, however, this means that you've likely mistyped the code or neglected to use the correct capitalization. If this happens, try to retype and re-enter the code once more, being sure to copy it exactly as it's written!

What is Survive the Killer?

Survive the Killer, just as the name implies, is an experience with one main goal: survive the killer. Unless of course you are the killer, in which case your goal is kill everyone else! As mentioned in the first graph of this article, Survive the Killer is heavily reminiscent of Friday the 13th, but even has a few similarities to the Roblox experiences within the Murder Mystery series. Run, hide, solve puzzles, and work with those around you to survive and escape before it's too late!

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Survive the Killer Codes - Knives, coins, XP (April 2024) (2024)
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